Our mission is to deliver quality and self-expression to you, our customers. Dope Stitches strives to offer distinctive, eye-catching clothing of superior quality that cuts through the uniformity of everyday wear. We aim to unleash your individuality with exclusively designed, fitted, and comfortable attire.

Authentically trendy...

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Stand Out with Dope stitches

We offer a variety of striking graphics in vibrant DTG color individually created by Seattle-Based, TheDopeArt graphic artist Jesse Johnson, as well as solid color essentials to enhance your wardrobe.

Our garments are made with the incredible care for quality, comfort, and value for our sensational community, YOU!

A Derivative of The Dope Art

Created, owned and operated by The Dope Art, LLC

Vibrant Graphic Tee's and Hoodies

Stylish and moisture-wicking enough to wear for a night out or to the gym, but also comfortable enough to wear to sleep. An ultra-soft cotton-spandex blend, we've sourced materials of the highest quality. These fabrics that hold their shape, fit, and stand up to the wear and tear of use and time.

Priced with our customers in mind

You won't find these quality materials and printing anywhere else, let alone for our prices!

DTG Printing & Embroidery

Coming in 2023 we will be offering custom embroidery and digital printing services on Dope Stitches basics!

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